LaundroMutt - Self Service Pet Wash

7 Reasons why you should wash your dog here instead of in your the tub at home or with the hose out back?

Warm Water

Who wants to bathe in freezing water? Just because they’re dogs doesn’t mean they should endure the ice cold water of the outside hose. That thing is really cold even in the summer!


You use a car wash for your car when you don’t feel like dragging out the hose and all the supplies. We are the “car wash” for dogs.


Who want to scrub the tub and wipe the walls after you bathe your dog and they shake off all over your house? We provide all the things you need and you leave all the cleaning to us.

Ease of Use

A sore back and aching knees from leaning over the bathtub at home is no fun. Our tubs are raised off the ground so no more bending or kneeling for you. Each tub has a low, dog-friendly ramp for easy entry.


People shampoos can be harsh on your dog skin and coats, as well as hot water and hot dryers. We provide organic EarthBath, biodegradable, made-for-dogs shampoos and conditioners, a constant warm water temperature, and forced air dryers. The dryers FORCE the water off and don’t heat it until it evaporates so it won't dry out the skin.

Keep it Clean

Dog Hair Everywhere, clogging up the drain... NO MORE CLOGs, Save money on plumbing bills.


Did we mention you leave all the mess with us??

Come to the Laundromutt!

No more making a mess in your bathroom. Our newly remodeled facility gives you everything you need to get your dog looking (and smelling) like the dog you once knew! There’s no appointment necessary! Plus, we supply everything you need but the dog!
Our salon offers grooming services for all breeds of dogs and cats. Our personalized services include all biodegradable shampoos and conditioners and safe no-heat dryers. Our experienced groomer gives you the professional and personalized styles and services just right for you and your pet.
Regular baths will ensure that potential problems like fleas, parasites and skin conditions are prevented. Plus, the added benefit of a soft and glossy, clean smelling coat!